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Links to web pages of individuals

Richard Akerman's Links:
Richard is a CS student working on a 1394/Jini masters project. He has a comprehensive list of information and links.

Bill Alexander's IEEE 1394 programming page:
This engineer works for LSILogic (who acquired Symbios) and has written articles for Dr. Dobb's with downloadable source, including an article about how to read configuration ROM using the Linux OHCI driver.

Dan Dennedy:
Dan Dennedy is very active in Linux 1394 and related applications. He has a blog where he sometimes mentions latest activity and developments.

Kristian Høgsberg:
Kristian Høgsberg has been participating in Linux 1394 subsystem development for a long time. He contributed the recent rewrite of the kernel driver stack.

Stefan Richter:
Stefan Richter has been an avid support member of the Linux 1394 team for a few years, especially in the area of SBP-2. More recently, he has taken an active role in the maintenance of the kernel modules. His site contains various patches where ideas are staged and tested pending a merge into the kernel, and it contains patchsets where ieee1394 changes are backported to recently released kernels.

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