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== libraw1394 ==
== libraw1394 ==<br>
Documentation: (snapshot at [ .../libraw1394/])<br>
Gitweb: [ libraw1394.git] (mirror at [ libraw1394.git])
Gitweb: [ libraw1394.git] (mirror at [ libraw1394.git])
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To get a local copy of the libraw1394 source repository, run <code>git&nbsp;clone&nbsp;git://</code>
To get a local copy of the libraw1394 source repository, run <code>git&nbsp;clone&nbsp;git://</code>
== pydc1394 ==
== pydc1394 ==

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Links to related software: Libraries and Frameworks



A layer atop libdc1394 that provides higher level interface.


The FFADO project aims to provide a generic, open-source solution for the support of FireWire based audio devices for the Linux platform. It is the successor of the FreeBoB project.


Drivers for BeBoB-based AMDTP devices for Jack, the definitive GNU/Linux professional audio server. Now superseded by FFADO.


gstreamer is a plugin multimedia architecture for Linux and potentially other POSIX systems. It includes a dv1394src source plugin and a libdv decoder plugin. In the future, there will be more plugins supporting Linux 1394.

(release notes)

A library to control A/V devices using the 1394ta AV/C commands. This library also contains librom1394 for reading and decoding the CSR Config ROM of any device on the bus.

libdc1394 (homepage) (downloads, repository)

libdc1394 is an API to capture video from a IIDC (DCAM) firewire camera. The v2 release does not only work on top of the Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernel drivers, but also with the new 2.6 drivers alias Juju and with Mac OS X.

IIDC cameras are devices adhering to this strict standard, thus not requiring vendor-dependent drivers. Examples of these cameras are numerous industrial cameras (for machine vision, microscopy, etc.) and some webcams like Apple iSight. A virtually complete list of IIDC cameras is maintained by Damien Douxchamps. Damien is also the developer of libdc1394, so you can find all the necessary info at his site.

Examples of applications on top of libdc1394 are Damien's Coriander and Johann Schoonees's Camwire API.


Tarball releases at http, ftp
Release notes: (at this wiki)

An implementation of the most relevant parts of IEC 61883 over libraw1394 for transmission, reception, and management of media streams and devices such as DV, MPEG2-TS, audio, and MIDI.


Gitweb: libraw1394.git (mirror at libraw1394.git)

Tarball releases at http, ftp
Release notes: (at this wiki)

This is the base library for low-level IEEE 1394 accesses. It is the companion of the raw1394 kernel driver with its /dev/raw1394 character device file. Version 2 of libraw1394 is also able to use the /dev/fw* character device files of the firewire-core driver.

To get a local copy of the libraw1394 source repository, run git clone git://


This is a Python wrapper around libdc1394 v2 which also includes an UI with live display and code for synchronized cameras.


In the words of author Arne Caspari:

unicap provides a uniform interface to video capture devices. It allows applications to use any supported video capture device via a single API. Building applications with a graphical user interface is made especially easy with the unicapGTK widget set. The ucil library provides easy to use functions to render text and graphic overlays onto video images. unicap is dual licensed under either the terms of the General Public License (GPL) or a commercial license.
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