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Reporting Problems and Getting Help

If you run into problems please subscribe to our user mailing list Subscription is not required to post, and replies will usually be Cc'ed to you. But it is considered polite to subscribe before posting.

Please report the following with your post:

  • kernel version
  • ieee1394 drivers version (if not the original ones)
  • relevant messages from dmesg
  • adapter card model and/or OHCI chipset
  • output of lspci
  • versions of libraries (libraw1394...), application or utility (if applicable)

There is also the developer mailing list linux1394-devel, but this list is not the appropriate place to post installation or configuration problems. It is the right place for detailed bug reports though.

Mailing list archives

at MARC:        at Gmane:        at SourceForge:
linux1394-user linux1394-user linux1394-user
linux1394-devel linux1394-devel linux1394-devel
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