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FireWire drivers for Linux which are not part of the mainline source distribution, for varying reasons:

  • gp2lynx, a lowlevel driver for Texas Instruments' GP2Lynx TSB12LV32 (unmaintained)
  • liSight, an audio driver with ALSA interface for Apple's FireWire iSight camera
  • mem1394, a highlevel driver for debugging and forensics of remote nodes
  • nosy turns a PCILynx card into a bus analyzer
  • ohci1394_earlyinit, a minimal OHCI lowlevel driver for early debugging from remote — This driver has been included in Linux 2.6.25 under the name init_ohci1394_dma which can be enabled by the option PROVIDE_OHCI1394_DMA_INIT (Provide code for enabling DMA over FireWire early on boot) in the "Kernel hacking" menu of the kernel configuration. See also linux/Documentation/debugging-via-ohci1394.txt


Highlevel drivers may also be implemented in userspace on top of libraw1394 or libdc1394. This approach is actually taken by most of the projects in the audio, video, or data acquisition domains.

If you have a driver project which you think is best implemented in kernelspace, don't hesitate to submit it for integration into mainline. See Submitting Drivers For The Linux Kernel. If you are past the decision-making pro mainline submission, see Linux Kernel patch submission checklist.

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