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* Last libraw1394 v1 release is [ v1.3.0] ([ md5sum])
* Last libraw1394 v1 release is [ v1.3.0] ([ md5sum])
* Latest libiec61883 release is [ v1.2.0] ([ md5sum])
* Latest libiec61883 release is [ v1.2.0] ([ md5sum])
See the links section for information about [[Libraries#libdc1394|libdc1394]] releases.

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Release Notes: Libraries

See the links section for information about libdc1394 releases.



See also Libraries#libraw1394.

libraw1394 2.0.2

3 February 2009

Fixed license headers on new files introduced in v2.0.0 to be consistent with LGPL v2.1. No code changes since version 2.0.1.

libraw1394 2.0.1

15 January 2009

  • Optimized usage of /dev/fw* nodes based upon user permissions.
  • many bugfixes

libraw1394 2.0.0

18 July 2008

  • added support for the new firewire kernel subsystem. (kernel headers 2.6.22 or better yet 2.6.24 should be installed to compile libraw1394 with this feature)
  • removed deprecated isochronous functions.

libraw1394 1.3.0

13 October 2007

  • added raw1394_read_cycle_timer() as used by FFADO project.
  • added support for environment variable RAW1394DEV to override default device node /dev/raw1394.
  • added --with-valgrind to configure script.
  • other optimizations and bugfixes - see ChangeLog in the tarball.

libraw1394 1.2.1

8 April 2006

This is a maintenance release that fixes a couple of bugs and contains a slight memory handling optimization for isochronous I/O.

libraw1394 1.2.0

19 February 2005

One more preparation for the release of libiec61883 was to reorganize a couple of functions from libiec61883 into libraw1394 for better code reuse with other projects. These functions provide simple means to allocate and release isochronous channels and bandwidth.

libraw1394 1.1.0

29 November 2004

Yes, the version number difference to the previous version seems odd, but it is correct. The .so version numbers were bumped a major level with no backward compatibility as well due to an interface change in the new generation isochronous API. The change allows one to specify a capture mode, and it is required by the forthcoming libiec61883, our third generation streaming media I/O library. This release also includes updated API reference documentation. All comments for function documentation were moved into the main header, raw1394.h for convenience to programmers that like to refer to headers. Finally, two functions were added for the ARM feature to allow getting and setting the kernel buffer.


See also Libraries#libiec61883.

libiec61883 1.2.0

15 January 2009

  • Fixed PID handling in MPEG2-TS.
  • Added iec61883_cip_resync().
  • Silence some warnings in CMP that may needlessly alarm users.
  • Improved validation of DV packets in dv_fb.
  • bugfixes

libiec61883 1.1.0

24 September 2006

This is a maintenance release that contains some minor fixes and cleanups, but it also requires libraw1394 1.2.1 to prevent aborts and halts in isochronous transmission.

libiec61883 1.0.0

8 April 2005

After many months of hard work, the first release of libiec61883 is now available. This library provides third generation media reception and transmission for DV, MPEG2-TS, and AMDTP (audio and music) using only raw1394 and not the complicated setup and maintenance of other kernel modules and their /dev nodes. This is not just an early development release. It is already quite capable and robust. Already, MythTV 0.17 supports MPEG2-TS, FreeBob is using AMDTP, and a soon-to-be-released dvgrab 2.0 is being used in a heavy, 24/7 production environment. We encourage all developers and applications to migrate to this library as support for dv1394, amdtp, and cmp modules are being phased out as well as DV and MPEG2-TS applications of video1394.

NOTE: libiec61883 requires libraw1394 1.2.0.


See also Libraries#libavc1394.

libavc1394 0.5.3

21 May 2006

  • bugfixes
  • new avc1394_transaction_block2() function that returns the length of the response.
  • Panel subunit indirect mode constants added to header.
  • new panelctl utility based upon 6200ch and 6200cmd from MythTV developers.

Version 0.5.2 remained unreleased.

libavc1394 0.5.1

  • bugfixes

libavc1394 0.5.0

libavc1394 has had quite a bit of new functionality hanging around in its CVS for a couple of years. Some of this was reorganized into forthcoming libiec61883. The new features include the ability to make simple changes to config rom images. This was a natural and convenient extension of the existing librom1394 functionality, not as comprehensive as ieee1394/csr1212. It adds bits needed to support AMDTP applications. Finally, it adds bits needed to make development of target mode applications easier including an example avc_vcr.c.

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