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Links to vendor sites


[edit] products enable the time shifting (recording) of Digital and true High Definition TV signals from both satellite and OTA broadcasts using the convenience and low cost of video tape. Their Advantage VX products converts the DirecTV HD output from their HDVR product into a standard MPEG2-TS stream that can be recorded to a D-VHS deck with 1394.

[edit] Apple

Apple's FireWire portal

[edit] The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source has an interesting new uncompressed video capture device called DFG/1394-1. There is a custom driver that also has a video4linux2 interface.

[edit] Linux Media Labs

Linux Media Labs manufactures a number of video peripherals for the Linux platform. The LML1394 is their OHCI adapter card.

[edit] Microsoft

Microsoft's perspective on IEEE 1394

[edit] Oracle

Oracle Technology Network Project: FireWire: Information and software for sharing disks for clusters.

[edit] Oxford Semiconductor Makers of a variety of FireWire storage controllers, also FireWire audio chips.

[Here is a posting on identifiers of OxSemi chips.

[edit] Point Grey Research

Point Grey's knowledge base contains useful information such as comparisons of relevant technical data of a few FireWire controllers, or maximum possible number of cameras on a single bus.

[edit] Skipstone

Skipstone has a decent collection of technical overviews and propaganda.

[edit] Texas Instruments

TI's technical overview of IEEE 1394. TI is the most popular maker of OHCI compliant chipsets as well as the PCILynx.

[edit] WiebeTech

whitepapers on FireWire storage by James Wiebe

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